Exploring BsAs: Recoleta Cemetery


The Recoleta Cemetery is like a miniature city in the middle of Buenos Aires. It is a maze of small pathways snaking through hundreds of ornate mausoleums that can be close to pieces of art. Honestly, some of these buildings, homes to entire families of deceased, are as big as apartments I’ve lived in. Although I know this is somewhat of a common practice, I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. Sadly, even though I have lived in Paris, I never made it out to the cemetery there. So this was a pretty new experience for me. I do understand the point of cemeteries, more for the living than the dead really. But it seems a little crazy that in a city so full of people, in a world so full of people really, a person would demand that any space be dedicated to their body for the rest of eternity or at least while the cemetery stands. But I will say this, this cemetery, though a bit creepy as most are, is also strikingly beautiful.


This was actually the second time Jesse and I have been to the cemetery. Our first trip was with his family and it was pretty much pouring rain on and off the entire time. We were really just trying to get to the grave of Eva Peron at the time, running down the little streets and ducking under some of the mausoleum overhangs when it got particularly bad. I suppose it added a little something to the experience. We seem doomed to visit the cemetery on the rainy days, though this second trip wasn’t so bad. 


Some beautiful statues guard over some of the mausoleums.


She looks so disapproving. What would you have done during your life to deserve such a reproachful look from a statue throughout your death?


Some of the mausoleums have a coffin above ground, though they may have several more below. They often have a space for a family member to come and sit. You can see the little orange stool there just under the coffin. (and my mom and myself reflected in the glass…)


This one seemed to be quite old and abandoned. The glass door was broken and a layer of dust covered everything.


Eva’s grave. The walkway is quite small and it was a little hard to get a good shot of all the plaques and flowers. But you can kind of see them here. She is buried in her family’s plot, as you can see, and not her husbands.


At the back of the cemetery lies a wall of the dead.


My mom and Ramon checking out Eva’s grave.


This guy just chillin’.


Even here, life finds a way.


The sun finally came out! And I loved this statue and the mausoleum behind. Like a mini cathedral.




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