Birthday Lady!

Jesse and I are really lucky to have the opportunity to travel so much and to live in different parts of the world. But we are very close with our families and it’s very hard to be away for so many birthdays, anniversaries, and general celebrations. Not to mention just your normal but wonderful every day activities and experiences. This year, being in Argentina, it’s been even harder. So I was so happy and grateful that my mom and her boyfriend were able to spend five whole weeks visiting us in Buenos Aires. We got to share the city with them, travel, and celebrate my mom’s birthday. (More pictures to come from our various adventures.)

For my mom’s birthday, we had a special night out on the town. We started with cocktails at the Sheldon in Palermo Soho. It has such a great atmosphere and some tasty cocktails. We then went to Ocho Once, one of the best puerta cerradas in the city. They offer a delicious five-course tasting menu that is inherently Argentine but with a modern twist. Jesse and I have been there before and thought it would be perfect for dinner. We ended the night at Frank’s Bar, a posh speak easy not too far from Ocho Once. It’s kind of fun and a little ridiculous place. You have to have a “password” to enter (you can still get in without it, but they always ask). You then enter a phone booth (yes, a phone booth… reminded me of entering the ministry of magic…) and type in the code to enter the bar. The cocktails are interesting and delicious, which the price reflects. It’s not a place you can afford to go to all the time, but every once in a while it’s a lot of fun.

We had such a great time and I hope my mom enjoyed herself. What a great place to usher in a new era of life! I’m so glad we could be there to experience it with you. 🙂 Love you Mom!!





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