Buenos Aires Annual Chili Cook-Off


Argentina is not known for their spicy food. One would think “Argentina. South America. Hot Spicy Latino food.” No. Not at all. Quite the opposite in fact. Whenever someone tells me something is picante, I immediately say “Is it Argentine picante or actually picante?” Because Argentine picante is about as hot as adding a little black pepper to a pot full of soup.

Starting a year or two ago, the expats of Buenos Aires gathered together to celebrate one of the meccas of hotness, chili, in an annual chili cook-off (as evident by the very professional sign above.) This year’s cook-off was hosted in Recoleta at the Pagana Club and, as you can see, hundreds of people showed up. All cooks were volunteers ranging from professional chefs to amateur home cooks, both American and Argentine, and all proceeds went to charity. There were traditional chilis, vegetarian chilis, chicken chili, chili with chocolate and beer, chili with indian spices. So many different flavor combinations and textures. Along with this were craft beers and corn bread. All in all an amazing afternoon.


We got there a little early and had made it upstairs by the time everyone else arrived. Thank goodness.


This guy was a character. His chili – Frisco Fire. And he was making sure everyone knew about it.


Also a character. Really good chili and actually the winner of the cook-off!


Everyone wants the chili!



This guy was awesome too. An American who had a ranch just outside the city.


And to top it all off… some Jiffy Corn Bread!

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