BA Underground Market

A couple times a year, there is an “underground” market somewhere in the city. As it’s posted on various blogs and facebook pages, I don’t know how underground it is exactly, but it is a lot of fun. Different artisans bring their food, jewelry, clothes, and other goods to sell and to advertise. The location is usually some factory or old building, and this one did not disappoint. Walking up several flights of stairs, we passed by a couple workshops that looked like the workers left for the day and the shop was shut down forever. A thick layer of dust covered everything and we couldn’t tell when the factory had last been in use. The crowd upstairs seemed primarily to be english speaking ex-pats, but there were some Argentines among the bunch too. We perused the tables and made some purchases while sipping on some craft beer. Not a bad afternoon. 🙂



Our friend Brian drinking a ginger, peach limonade. yummy!


To buy anything in the market, you purchase “indy bucks” so that they don’t have to worry about a lot of cash exchanging hands. I’m rollin in indy bucks. 🙂


Family run craft beer business. I guess it’s never too early to learn to pour a good beer.



Cakes and food and homemade licor, oh my! We picked up some of the maracuyá licor and an albahaca (basil) licor. I have to say, quite quite tasty!


Some Americans saw a need for real hot sauce and chicken wings, and they filled it. We, of course, had to buy a bottle. Next is to head over to their restaurant for some wings.


A gospel group singing American gospel music.




Some machine that did who knows what got a nice little facelift.


The workshop we passed walking up a couple flights of stairs to the market space.




And why not just sit in a circle right in front of the building to drink some maté and hang out? Como no?

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