Fiambres and Jazz, Baby!

A couple weeks ago we had a really fun night starting out with cocktails and some fiambres from Tandil and ending with some wonderful jazz at the Thelonious Club. I picked up a baguette from a french bakery close to us and grabbed some spreads and various things we had around the house to spice up the cocktails and add a little punch to our fiambres (as if they needed punching up).


We had some caramelized onion mayonnaise, whole grain and spicy mustards, and a sweet eggplant marmalade, which ended up being wonderful spread on the bread with a little cheese and apple on top.


Various fiambres we picked up while in Tandil. So fresh and flavorful.


For cocktails, we happened to have a bunch of fresh herbs in the fridge. We only had one friend over, but I thought, why not just have fun with it?


The Thelonious Club is a tiny jazz club in Palermo we’ve been wanting to go to for a while. It’s in a less populated part of the neighborhood with little foot traffic aside from the local residents. The club is upstairs and the entrance is a dark door with a small plaque on the side. Walking down a small street in the evening, you could easily pass it. Playing this particular evening was a well-known Argentine trumpet player, Roberto “Fats” Fernandez. Accompanied by a pianist, he played a wide range of classic jazz songs with enthusiasm and passion, although you could tell that his playing had seen better days.

After “Fats” played, at about midnight, an ensemble group came up and played some ragtime sounding music. It was a lot of fun and brought me back to my musical theater classes in high school.

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