There is this wonderful little french bakery and café not too far from our house called Cocu. The owners, two French men who decided to set up shop in the fashionable Palermo Soho neighborhood, smuggled some mother dough from France a few years ago and started making bread and all sorts of other treats, including my weakness, pain au chocolat… and pain au raisin… and… well I could go on. Let’s be honest, I have a weakness for most french pastries.  That along with the introduction of Nutella may be how I gained about 20 pounds when I was living in France. 🙂 So I force myself to keep my distance and limit my trips here, but every now and then a good baguette or a yummy whole wheat bread is exactly what you need, especially when you have several fresh, organic jams and chutneys.


My favorite – Frambuesa! I have to take some pics of the other ones we recently purchased. We have fig, raspberry, red current (my other fav), a delicious spiced apple chutney, and a sweet cinnamon-y eggplant jam. Really amazing.

Oh! I also made almond milk for the first time. I really only use milk for coffee, but, as most people know, dairy and I just don’t like each other very much. Well I like dairy, it just has something against me. The soy milk here is boxed, sitting with the juices on the shelf, no doubt packed with all sorts of icky chemicals. I decided not so long ago to ditch the preservative filled soy and try to go a more natural route. It’s not perfect, but it’s really not bad and quite easy to make. I’ll have to post the recipe etc.


Today’s cafecito a strong coffee with almond milk, fresh whole wheat bread, and raspberry preserves.

I really do love cafecito here. It’s like a half hour in the afternoon to just sit and breath and have a little break with a wonderful sweet-bitter combo. Who wouldn’t love that? I think it’s definitely one of those traditions we’re going to keep around when we get back to the states.

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