Nuestra Departamento en Villa Crespo


I think we’ve found our space. We love this apartment and the neighborhood. I think it’s safe to say it’s our favorite in both cases. The apartment is a corner apartment in an old french colonial style building. Inside it’s an open loft style with really high ceilings and lots of light. When you open up the windows, which we do every day, with all the light and the wonderful cross breeze you feel like you could be sitting outside. It’s wonderful. I love the style of it, especially the ceiling – a little industrial, a little bohemian, and quite modern.


Upon entering the apartment.


A turn to the right as you enter shows you the apartment shows you the entrance to our bedroom and the floating stairs that lead up to the reading nook, aka Jesse’s office. When we first got here the poor guy was hitting his head on the ceiling about once a week.


The owners are a couple who live in Vinegar Hill, just a 15 minute walk from where we lived in Brooklyn Heights if you can believe it. We actually always wanted to get one of these maps to put up. Now we have one! (temporarily of course)


The bedroom has great storage and lots of light. It’s not closed off to the rest of the apartment, you can see the surrounding wall doesn’t extend all the way to the ceiling, but that doesn’t bother us. It’s really nice to have the open feeling of the apartment in the bedroom as well.


Opposite view in bedroom. Armoir with great closet space and some drawers and a bookcase that we use for clothes along the left wall there.


Jesse workin away. Upstairs also is a couch-bed. We figure if we ever actually have guests we may bring the couch downstairs.


Just next to the bedroom is the bathroom. Modern spa like. Love it.



Club foot tub Jesse can actually fit in. The unfortunate thing is that it’s so big the water heater can’t fill it all the way up with hot water so we end up having to boil some additional water.


The kitchen has all new appliances and is awesome. It’s so open and has so much counter space, it’s luxurious for those of us who have been living in NYC for so many years.


Also, as you can see, the counter top is marble! I’m looking forward to making some pastry on it once the weather cools down a bit.



Our little juliet balcony with our basil. I get kind of scared to go out there. I’m sure it’s stable, it’s just such a little thing my imagination takes over.


Nice big couch!


View straight from our corner window during the day. Corner of Scalabrini Ortiz and Cordoba.


The best is the sunset view we get. Also, the moon rises directly in front of us over the buildings.


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