El Arte de Tirar con Arco y Flecha

A couple weeks ago, Jesse’s family made the long trek to visit us here in Buenos Aires. One day while walking around, we saw an archery place that was right around the corner from the apartment where they were staying. Most of us had done some archery as kids in cubscouts or at camp (amazingly, I was the one who had shot arrows in cubscouts… my mom was the pack leader for my brother’s troupe so I got to participate in all the activities. Much more fun than quilting in Girl Scouts… oh gender stereotypes…). So, of course, we had to give it a try and one afternoon Jesse’s sister Tara, her fiancé Dave, Jesse, and I made our way over to Halcón Peregrino. For AR$100 each, we got 1 hour of shooting including a mandatory archery tutorial.



Tara finding her inner bad-ass.



As a safety precaution, everyone who is shooting has to wait until everyone else is finished to go retrieve their arrows.


A fuzzy group shot.


Our feeble attempts to shoot the balloon.


Yes, this is my arm. Apparently this is called an archer’s baptism. It happens when you forget to turn your elbow away from the bow and get hit with the string not once, not twice, but THREE times. Way to go me. It took about 3 weeks for the mark to go away. But I plan on going back there and showing that bow who’s boss, once I gather the courage to face it that is.

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