Sunday in the Park with Jesse

Last weekend the Buenos Aires Market came out in full force in the Barrancas de Belgrano, a large park in Belgrano.

After our visit when we first arrived in October, we were eager to check it out again. The market has tons of vendors from veggies and bread to beer and wine to prepared foods. When we were last there we picked up some really delicious items and had a nice snack. It was a super relaxing and enjoyable day. Unfortunately for us, fortunately for the vendors, the word got out about the market and this time around it was neither relaxing nor enjoyable. The area, while still big, was not big enough to hold all the people and the lack of true organization on the part of the vendors showed. You couldn’t walk around to see what was available and to get up to the vendors you had to push through a crowd that may or may not have been purchasing anything. On top of all this, once you got up, most of the vendors had little to no system of handling the intense traffic and once you ordered you had to keep checking in to make sure they were actually working on your order and they hadn’t forgotten. I was getting such a claustrophobic feeling I had to jet out of the crowd a couple times. While I am thrilled for the market and all the vendors, I could not possibly stay for long. We agreed next time we need to go when it opens to avoid the crowds.



But it’s hard to keep the stressed feeling on a day like this! Clear blue skies and a nice breeze. 🙂 Also, we were 5 minutes away from Barrio Chino. So instead of eating a picnic lunch from market food as planned, we walked over to our favorite noodle bar and grabbed some noodle soups and then went to chill in the park, drink some mate, and read. Happy bellies and happy hearts.







Love this. These two randomly came and set up some speakers and microphones and started singing popular Argentine songs. We weren’t looking for any musical entertainment, but they were actually pretty good.


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