Exploring BA: Plaza San Martín

Plaza San Martín is a combo park/plaza in Retiro. We went to have a little picnic and check it out on Saturday.

It is the long diagonal looking park in the corner there.

Built down a hill, it’s a combination of a little plaza with benches and playgrounds…

and “man on horse” monuments…

then walking down the steps

there is a nice hill with a great view.

We enjoyed some sandwiches and then partook of a little mate.

We got a thermos for hot water – our travel set up is almost complete. We just need a container for the mate leaves and sugar.

It was such a beautiful day out on Saturday. A nice breeze and a bright sun = tons of porteños in parks enjoying the outdoors. I like this park because it is a little more chill that some of the others. In the Bosque de Palermo, you have a lot of people hanging out, playing sports, and relaxing, which is great and fun. But you also have vendors riding/walking around the park yelling about helado or coming up to you to show you their jewelry or the baked goods they are selling, which is all fine and a really interesting part of the culture. But it is nice to get away from the crowds and enjoy the sun in peace.

PDA does not seem to be frowned upon here. Young couples all over the park cuddle up together.

Kids seemed to love this hill! They were running down and back up or rolling down it with loud giggles of glee.

If I didn’t know better, I would have thought this was some undercover spy from a 1940s comedy. She was so über grandma looking it was unreal.

Friends hanging out, playing some music.

Lots of couples being all romantic… really sweet.

Then theres us… 🙂

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