Our almost-week of celebrations in Florida

The last week has been a pretty exciting one. We made a journey back to Florida for Jesse’s cousin’s (Allison’s) wedding, which was on Saturday. I don’t know why but when I was first thinking about traveling between Argentina and Florida it didn’t seem like a long trip. Maybe because you don’t cross an ocean to get there and, you know, it’s just south. But as it turns out it’s a longer trip than going to Europe. A direct flight from Buenos Aires to Miami is about 8-9 hours. However, as of now, all the flights we have taken have connected in Brazil. So that’s about 3 hours from Buenos Aires to either Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro then another 7-8 hours to Miami. It’s a trip. We try to take the over night flight so that Jesse misses as little work as possible, although that has not really worked as well as we would have hoped because we have trouble sleeping on the plane and end up taking a nap for a couple hours when we get in. On our way back, Jesse took advantage of a long layover and worked in the Sao Paulo Airport – 5am-10am. Eep. It’s hard on these over night flights when you are a night person. For the average person, a flight that takes off around 10 or 11 is perfect. You have a little dinner, pass out for several hours because you are so tired, then get awoken around 5 for breakfast. We normally stay up late, so by the time we are “asleep” at 1 or 2am, we doze for 2-3 hours and then get woken up for breakfast. But to be honest, after our epic almost 2 day journey to Vietnam for our honeymoon, nothing seems too bad now. We watched some Mad Men episodes and the 1940 Alfred Hitchcock classic Rebecca starring Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine (one of Granddaddy’s favorites) and then the planes on the long trips were almost brand new so they all had the individual screens with movies and tv shows. So all and all not so bad. Either way, it was 100% worth it to get to see everyone.

The wedding was so wonderful. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for weddings and pretty much anything romance. But this was such a fabulous and heart-warming day for everyone. It really just put a legal seal on what has been true now for many years. I believe that while marriage is wonderful (and it is), it’s not going to change your day to day living or make your relationship any stronger or more committed than what already existed before you said “I do”. Frankly, I think this is where a lot of people make a mistake. They think that as soon as they get married, their relationship is suddenly going to be rock solid or the person they are marrying is going to suddenly change. And while marriages, like all relationships and people, can mature and change over time, you need to have a foundation to build on. Allison and Paul have been through more than most couples in the pre-marriage state and have stuck by each other with a loyalty, love, and care that is rarely seen. They are both amazing, generous, sweet, salt-of-the-earth people and Jesse and I couldn’t be happier that they found each other. The wedding was at Jupiter Beach Resort and was absolutely beautiful. With a beach ceremony anything could happen – in fact, only a month or two earlier, a cigarette boat race was planned to cross right in front of the ceremony sight. I don’t know if everyone knows about cigarette boats but they are loud. Really loud. Loud enough to overwhelm a rock concert on the beach let alone a quiet wedding ceremony. But providence prevaled – the sun was shining and the noise started right when the pictures were wrapping up after the ceremony. We had a great time eating, dancing, taking photo booth pics (see the pics above), and catching up with family, or meeting them as the case may be. Congrats again you two!! We hope you’re having a fabulously relaxing time in Jamaica!

The happy couple at their rehearsal dinner

Happily, there was more than one celebration that weekend that brought a lot of our friend’s together. It was Jesse’s best friend’s (Clayton) wife’s (Maria Gabriela) – birthday!! Clay planned a romping fiesta (as he always does, I am told) a la Mexico complete with chorizo and steak tacos, margaritas, and a piñata! And of course, it being Sunday and all, some football for the guys in the fantasy league. Everyone had a great time – the kids had more fun with the rope that came with the piñata than with the piñata I think – granted, 3 of the 4 are under 4 so swinging a large stick at something high in the sky is not really their thing. But all that changed when all the candy and toys popped out. 🙂 The kids and the adults-turned-kids ran to pillage the spoils. Piñatas are great for bringing out the kid in all of us.

The birthday girl gets the first swing and a little help from her hubby.

Anyway, it was a fantastic weekend. We had sushi – twice – and just about satisfied the craving… for now. I imagine that again the first food we’ll have when we go back in a couple weeks is sushi, but for now, the taste of melt-in-your-mouth white tuna sashimi lingers on and I am satisfied. We were so happy (and lucky) to go back and see our family and friends and celebrate with them. OK… first world problem time: I love the freedom that Jesse and I have to move around and live in interesting parts of the world and learn languages and all that. It’s really a unique opportunity and I’m so glad we’re taking advantage of it. But both of us are close with our families and friends and it is hard to be away from them – though my friends are kind of spread around at this point. (top 5 cities Lily… I’m working on the list…) I do wish that the world of Harry Potter were real just so we could apparate to Florida or New York or Boston or California or Atlanta whenever we wanted and be there for all the important, and not so important, moments. Maybe one day… who knows where we’ll end up. But I’ve very glad that we have the means and the time to make some trips at least for the important moments.

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