Casa FOA

This past weekend we went to a really cool art/design exhibit. Each year since 1985, Casa FOA has selected architects and designers to create spaces for different rooms in the home (casa = home). The mission of the group is to bring people closer to a more perfect vision of things and to demonstrate a clear vision of the value of architecture and the culture of the country. (That’s my poor translation of a little bit of their website.) Besides its artistic endeavors, the event also raises funds for la Fundación Oftalmológica Argentina “Jorge Malbran” (FOA), which, over more than 45 years, has increased the scientific investigations, teaching, and help to the community in the field of ophthalmology.

It was really interesting to see what different artists did with the spaces. And a little torturous… oh to have the space and money to create some of this. But it’s cool to get little ideas from it and most importantly to take from it the concept that you can design your home not only to reflect yourself but also to create a particular atmosphere in each room that promotes calm or focus or creativity, lightness or reflectivity. Each room affected your mood and overall being. I am always a little amazed at how much our environment affects us. I am not a super materialistic person – I generally opt to spend my time and money on creating experiences and memories over buying clothes or furniture. But having a home, a refuge, that allows you to think and breath and live in whatever manner that is best for you is a great thing. I hope the next time Jesse and I move into a space that we can decorate ourselves, we will have the time (and energy) to think it through. Even if it’s just refinishing some furniture or painting the walls. As we were walking through I was thinking of some family members who are currently in the throws of renovation and redesign of homes and wishing good luck to them all.

This is only a part of the exhibit (if you can believe it). I hope you enjoy!

The outside of Casa FOA


Love the juxtaposition of industry and art that really encompasses this exhibit.

There were a couple artists with booths at the entrance. Thought Daddygrandpa would enjoy this one 🙂

Now we know what the most interesting man in the world does for a hobby…

We found our outdoor swing… whenever we get a house that is.

The first room we saw, downstairs. (Instalacion Industrial – Alejandra Giraud/Horacio Di Sanzo)

Jesse really liked these stairs

Hotel Boutique – Silvina Descole

It’s raining paintings!

This playroom was so cool. A desk for the parents and a little play table for the kids. Only thing that would be a problem is the difficulty in adapting as the kids age. (Playroom – Orlievsky/Petrucci/Wilhelm)

This couch kind of reminds me of one my grandparents used to have. It was a regal yet surprisingly comfortable room! (Living – Gabriel Del Campo)

These are in an office. I was waiting for them to come alive and start tramping around the room. (Escritorio – Viviana Melameo)

Jesse loves old globes. Wish I could have gotten this for his future office… when we buy a house. ha ha (Estar 8pm – Flavio Dominguez)

This is my kind of office. Nice and open and light with some vegetation. (La Biblioteca – Silvia Baralia/Maru Bralia/Pablo Greno Pastrana)

This auditorium was so so cool! I felt like I was walking into a planetarium. (Auditorio – Architectos Paula Herrero)

Inside the Auditorium

I wish I could have shown the whole room. There was a bar behind this huge cozy couch made in the same way you see the table there. (Estar con amigos, To be with friends – Maria Beatriz Gonzalez Zuelgaray)

Ok maybe the coolest way to have an herb garden I’ve seen. Take some dirt/planting bags and just stack them on top of each other. You’ll also notice the fireplace in the background. (Comedor Intimo – Mauro Bernardini/Cecilia Timossi)

Love the glass containers for cereal, flour, etc. (Breakfast – Daniela Kalika/Licia Falicoff)

Just a creepy carnival pig…

Nice and open. (Estudio – Monica Schuvaks)

Talk about a walk in closet… (Cuarto – Curovich/Dub/Cohen)

This is on the other side of that walk-in closet. And yes, those are natural plants hanging as a headboard. I love love love this idea! Imagine having some natural plants with some gardenia or lavendar or jasmin behind you… Jesse’s worried about bugs swarming around your head as you sleep.

I snapped this quick picture before I was told I couldn’t take pics in this room, which is sad because this one was AWESOME! But what a great idea to hang pants! The bathroom in this room was exquisite. (Cuarto de vestir con baño – Gabriela Lopez/ Ma. Inespenas)

So relaxing (Spa – Diana Gradel/Eliana Gradel)

A manly man’s room. We were welcomed by the scent of pine and the sounds of Frank Sinatra as we walked in. (Cuarto de Hombre – Monica Ini)

So adorable. And there was a wardrobe full of little girls dresses. The cuteness was overwhelming. Only thing they’re missing is a rocking chair. (Cuarto de bebe – Alexia Baralia/Stella Lluch)

Yeah… I’m going to need that one day. (Sala de Baño – Angelica Campi)

Another interesting way of displaying plants and herbs on a small outdoor space. (Cocina de un Chef – Renata Gilli Faudin/Silvia Mariel Acuña/M. Jimena Vicario)

Same chef’s kitchen. Jesse and I love the height of the marble top table there and the huge stove in the back – not seen in this pic.

Not quite sure why one would have this…

Perfect movie watching couch! (Loft de un joven gourmet – Horacio Zucker)

Outdoor space

More hanging plants. Love it, but not sure how you water/take care of the plants… (Home Playroom – Agustina Luna/Victoria Medina)

Backlit chess table. For serious chess games. (Home Playroom – Agustina Luna/Victoria Medina)

Love this lighting fixture (Una Mejor Forma de Trabajar – Juan Caram/Pia Cernadas)

This might be a better way to work… I kind of like the communal table. (Una Mejor Forma de Trabajar – Juan Caram/Pia Cernadas)

After a couple hours of walking around, we had ourselves a little cafecito in the cafe of the building (Molina Cafeteria – Julio Oropel)

View from our table… looked like a Brancusi exhibit.

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    • Oh we have some fantastic ideas for a dream house… ha ha now we just have to get some woodworking lessons from my dad and some metal working lessons from daddygrandpa so we can build it all ourselves and perhaps afford to do half of it. There was this one bathroom/dressing room that they wouldn’t let me take pictures in, but oh… it was glorious.

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