Puerta Cerrada

Puerta cerrada, or closed door, is a restaurant that operates in a location that isn’t readily visible to the general public.  Typically they exist in the chef’s home.  So while it feels like you’re just over at a friend’s house for a casual dinner, the meal, at least in our case, can be 5 courses and world class.  In this case, our chef studied in France and New York under the direction of Daniel Boulud! These places are not super exclusive or anything, but require you to find them online or via word of mouth a make a reservation before you go.  A lot of them have family style seating at a large table so you can enjoy your meal while chatting with newly acquired friends.  This one that Erin found was laid out more like a restaurant with separated two and four tops, although it was still inside a house in Palermo Hollywood.  We got there “early”, around 9:45, and were the first ones there.  This was great because aside from the main dining room with normal tables, there was a room off to the side that had two large couches facing each other with a coffee table in the middle.  Obviously it was impossible for us to turn down a private room with cozy accommodations:

Our little private room. The room to the left is the kitchen and to the right the dining room.


The menu! Puertas cerradas usually have set menus… and we’re totally cool with that.


The courses:

1 – poached egg with mushroom puree and grilled asparagus

2 – jibia (squid) with corn puree and passion fruit sauce

3 – osso bucco stuffed ravioli with Cognac sauce

4 – beef tenderloin with potatoes done 3 ways and chimichurri sauce

5 – orange parfait with chocolate soup

Don’t worry, the price is in pesos.


Yeah I’m pretty stoked about the menu.


They kicked things off with a gin cocktail. Mmmmm


Really good wine that the chef gets from a business partner of his.


In order of course:





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