Exploring BA: MALBA

This past weekend was pretty icky out so Jesse and I took the collectivo (bus) to the Museo de Arte Latinamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA). This is one of the most well-known museums in the city and is a destination for many tourists and porteños alike. The museum is not super large (only 3 or 4 small floors) but their exhibitions change monthly. As the name of the museum suggests, the only work featured is by artists who are from Latin America. It’s a great place to roam for a couple hours.

Apart from the permanent collection, this is who we saw: Victor Grippo, Beatriz Malhazes, and Matias Duville.

The bench is aliiiivvee!!

and it’s trying to escape the museum…

Series of portraits that are “shot” in black and white…

Forgot to take a picture of the placard for this one, but it’s pretty cool…

I couldn’t find the placard for this one, but I just really liked it… a little creepy but cool.

Mi ventana en Florencia, 1917
Emilio Pettoruti (b. 1892 La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina, d. 1971 Paris, France)

Revolver, 1968
Claudio Tozzi (b. 1944 San Pablo, Brazil)

*Click on the artists names for a little more info…


We couldn’t take pictures inside the room, but he uses potatoes manipulated and displayed in different forms throughout this exhibition.


MALBA showed 30 pieces of Ms Milhazes’s work. Brazilian born, she uses lots of color, layering patterns to build her pieces. Jesse and I both really enjoyed her work and enjoyed walking through the space. It felt like happiness.

View of the Beatriz Milhazes exhibit.

The front of the MALBA program for the month has one of her pieces. I guess a shot of a potato would have been less appealing… 🙂


This was not my favorite exhibition of all time, did not stir any deep emotions for me. But there was an interesting collection of drawings that were very whimsical.

The exhibition was entitle Safari

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