Exploring BA: Plaza Armenia

This Saturday, Jesse and I took advantage of the beautiful weather (in the 70s – I think… I’m still having a hard time getting the hang of this whole “metric” system…). We went to the Plaza Armenia for some lunch and then, with a translator app in hand, to do some reading in the park. The plaza/park is close to our “old” home – yes we moved this weekend – in a great part of Palermo Soho with boutiques and restaurants and panaderias in the surrounding blocks. The plaza itself is a park with some open cobblestone areas and is complete with a carousel and many many street performers. When we first arrived, a clown show was just kicking off with dozens of little kids sitting expectantly, but patiently, on a little hill. All around the park, there were hundreds of people lounging, reading, chatting with friends… just enjoying life in general. We took their lead and found ourselves a nice little spot, spread out a blanket and plopped ourselves down.

Plaza Armenia is the little square area there between Armenia and Malabia.

Sitting on the terrace of an amazing restaurant (Forneria) that overlooks Plaza Armenia.

We found a place that actually doesn’t have queso in EVERYTHING! I had a salad with avocado, smoked salmon, capers, and almonds and Jesse had a “pasta fusilli puttanesca to die for”. He said it was one of the best pasta dishes he’s ever had, and that’s saying something…

Every Saturday there is a market around Plaza Armenia. Argentine artisans bring their goods to sell – clothes, accessories, art, etc…

A really cute little carousel on the side of the park.

Most porteños take advantage of a beautiful weekend day by going to a park with friends or family to enjoy some mate and talk. They bring their mate “kit” which includes: yerba mate, a mate container/gourd, hot water in a thermos, and sugar (if they use it).

Mate cups are made of all kind of materials including glass, plastic, metal, wood, and gourds. I’m assured that wood or gourds are the way to go.

I just wanted to take a picture of the hill with people sitting on it. But these guys were there. Through the view finder, I thought that they were waving at me so I smiled and started waving. But then I took the camera down, saw their faces, and quickly turned back to the plaza.

While we were sitting in the park, a band – really an orchestra – started to form and play music.

She’s so happy applauding for the band!

Ok this is random, but maybe the coolest bike I’ve ever seen. Note the training wheels.

As the band was playing, some flamenco dancers started to gather, waiting for their turn to perform. This woman was so beautiful and such a classic example of what you would think of for a flamenco dancer. My grandparents had a doll in their back bedroom that was a Spanish flamenco dancer with a big skirted dress. This is what I imagine she would have looked like in person.

Dancing with live music… beautiful!

A crowd is gathered at dusk to watch the flamenco dancers and music

The flamenco dancers strike a pose.

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