El Mercado de las Pulgas

Last Saturday, we went to a flea market (mercado de las pulgas) in Palermo Hollywood that is a treasure trove for antique, vintage, and hand-made items. It would be a dangerous place if we were trying to furnish an apartment here… Its a large and very open building that has maybe 100 or more “stalls”, which are really little rooms formed from somewhat temporary walls. It looks like the surrounding blocks also have a several antique/vintage/hand-made furniture stores. We had a great time walking around checking out the different stalls and even found one with super cheap old records… we’re definitely going to have to go back to make some purchases.

Note the creepy baby picture in the frame…

Lots of wire chairs… I would like to get these for a backyard garden and have tea.

Jesse LOVED this table. It’s pretty cool. Looks like it’s made from scrap pieces of wood.

All I can think of is wagon wheel coffee table…

just creepy…

This painting/sculpture reminds me of the art that Phoebe made in Friends

Thought my mom would appreciate this one. Incidentally, we saw a medium size hot box for bread sitting on the table of an old sewing machine in the supermercado the other day…

so many tea cups…

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