Although Yerba Mate is the national drink of Argentina (and I’m very excited to gear up and start partaking in this ritual, for a ritual I’m assured it is), we do love our afternoon coffee. I’ve been picking up some Argentinean treats to enjoy with our cafecito. The other day it was alfajores. Argentines appear to have a bit of a sweet tooth and you can find this cookie almost anywhere. It is a cookie sandwich type treat that typically has two butter cookies (kind of shortbread like) with dulce de leche in between and rolled in coconut flakes. Other forms have the cookie are covered in chocolate, have the coconut on outside of the cookie, and I’m sure endless other varieties depending on the baker. I’m going to attempt these some time in the future when we get settled in a more permanent location and I can buy a hand mixer. But let me assure you… they are deliciosos!

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