Nuestro Departamento en Palermo Soho

We rented a temporary apartment here in Palermo Soho for the month of September. We figured we would get here, take a look around at different neighborhoods and see where we wanted to live. We’re in the middle of that now and one of our upcoming posts will be all on the process of finding a “alquilar temporario” but for now we wanted to give you a look at our even more temporary home.

It’s really a lovely place and if we could stay here we definitely would, but unfortunately the owners are returning from Italy mid-October. They are the ultimate snowbirds spending April-October in Italy (summer) and October-March in Buenos Aires (summer yet again)… oh to live that life. One can only dream. Anyway, in their absence they rent out their apartment and it’s really a beaut.

We are in the 8th floor of a 9 floor building. So that means a really beautiful view. Its about 80m2 (or 260ft2 for those in the US) and about half of that is taken up by a terrace. It is a 1 bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms (that would be 2 showers/1 toilet oddly enough). Here is a little virtual tour of our place.

Great light for the living room

This is the view standing in the door to the apartment. To the left is the kitchen and directly in front, obviously, sliding doors to terrace.

The “technology” station

Standing in the sliding doors. Kitchen and the hallway to the bedroom are to the right.


View of the kitchen. The sink is above the counter. Gas oven straight ahead. This is the biggest refrigerator we’ve ever had. It’s glorious. And weird to be able to shop for more than just a day or two.

kitchen on the left and bedroom door on the right

This little counter here is actually waist high and is awesome for rolling out dough. Yes I’ve already done some baking. More on that later.

Standing in the bedroom door

Most apartments have two single beds that are combined to make a “queen” size bed. Not quite a queen but long enough so that Jesse’s feet aren’t hanging off. To the right are more sliding doors opening onto the terrace.

In the bedroom facing the “half” bath

So bizarre. There is a shower in there with a sink and the washing machine. No curtain or door, just slotted wood floors and a shower head above…


Small washing machine that holds 1kg of clothes. You’ll see below, we hang all our clothes outside to dry. We do that for most of our clothes anyway, so it’s not really a big deal. Just really great to have a washing machine in the apartment!

Standing in the middle of the terrace. Bedroom is on the left there. Directly in front is our parilla, the Argentine grill. We’ll talk more about parillas later, but needless to say we have made use of this already and have plans to make some yummy steaks and sausage tonight!

Other side of the terrace

We’re going to see another apartment this afternoon that is a lot cheaper. Definitely not as nice as this, but it may serve our purposes for the next couple months… 🙂 We’ll let you know how it goes.

2 responses to “Nuestro Departamento en Palermo Soho

  1. Looks luxurious! Amazing how little spaces can be made so livable! Can’t wait to see what you can find for the next place.

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